drive by

  1. morboosossadik23

    ISIS Drive by Against Army Base

  2. morboosossadik23

    ISIS Drive by+Ied Explosion In Sinai

  3. morboosossadik23

    ISIS Drive by Shooting against moving pick up

    Iraq soldiers RIP :gun::salute::byebye:xD
  4. morboosossadik23

    ISIS Drive by shooting In Najd

    Saudi Arabia
  5. morboosossadik23

    GTA San Andreas, drive by, ISIS style

    something, randomly, I wanted to upload youtube, but could not
  6. morboosossadik23

    ISIS AND THE LEVANT drive by shooting

    in various places in Iraq, an old video;)
  7. Maggot

    ISIS [Requested] ISIS Drive By Killings - "Upon the Prophetic Methodology"

    Requested by @Lil sleep SFN Posted a version in the request thread (no audio|sd quality) but got hold of the HD original. This is a clip from a video released in July 2014 and titled ''Upon the Prophetic Methodology''.
  8. Maggot

    Shot to Death in a Brazilian Bar

    Serra da Carnaíba, Brazil, 11th October, 2017 Victim has been identified as Calistro da Silva, commonly known as "Aparecido", 47 years old. He was drinking in the Patin Bar with friends when two men on a motorbike, without a license plate, shot at him, hitting him in the body and head. He died...