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  1. Grimztone

    I don't understand. How can you watch these videos?

    how can you not?
  2. Grimztone

    El Paso Shooting bodies outside Walmart

    They don't shop there. Back at the start of July Walmart decided not to sell guns. So they boycotted it. Easy target.
  3. Grimztone

    El Paso Shooting bodies outside Walmart

    Some of these people are really horrible at hiding. Mother Fucker if i can't get out im going to win the hide and seek championship.
  4. Grimztone

    Osama Bin Laden is my friend

    Sorry about your friend bro.
  5. Grimztone

    Mama's One And Done Thread...

    Serious injuries here. One can only hope that most of them were an instant death. Ouch!
  6. Grimztone

    What's the most shocking thing you've ever said to a group or someone in a group?

    At a family reunion in the middle of the room i told my father. Me: Your birthday is in March right? DAD: Yes, I'm surprised you remembered Me: Was I birthday sex? Cause I was born in December. Everyone: OMG! Holy shit! WHAhahahahahaha. Dad: YES you were. (huge smile on his face) the rest of...
  7. Grimztone

    What kind of browser do you use? Chromes blocked the website for me sadly

    i call BULLSHIT. i only use Chrome.
  8. Grimztone

    Post your Halloween costumes.

    revive this in 3 months. BUMP
  9. Grimztone

    Illegal immigration

    I don't care where you come from just do it the legal way. Have a purpose to come here etc...
  10. Grimztone

    Do you think I'm a douchebag?

  11. Grimztone

    If You Build it, They Will Come...

    I actually missed posts from Zeus. I am also impressed on the 15/7 masturbation.
  12. Grimztone

    Camwhoring fails

    Took a little longer than normal but i got it up.. no worries. thanks.
  13. Grimztone

    Some Nasty's For You All...

    not gonna lie. i winced at all of these.
  14. Grimztone

    Motorcyclist takes himself out

    That guys is gonna lose his head if he is not caref... oh wait. actually i dont think he lost his head.. just his life. my bad.
  15. Grimztone

    [Child Death] Teenage Girls All Shot...

    Anyone know what their bowling scores were?
  16. Grimztone

    Shocking Day in China

    but for 1 second his insides were on fire. anyway... it was shocking to watch
  17. Grimztone


    I actually didn't say WTF to any of that. I guess all my training has paid off.
  18. Grimztone

    Arsonist gets surprised

    lil flame thrower to the face... Don't paint your eyebrows back on to high or you will look surprised.
  19. Grimztone

    Robber gets a instant Karma

    i thought she pulled a gun out for a sec. well, im glad she got her stuff back.