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  1. Mark Baker

    [Child Abuse] Demon Level 100

    5 seconds in heaven i wanna watch your reckoning
  2. Mark Baker

    Dude Sticks Knife into Dick and Jacks Off Blood

    well fuck me running theres alotta things that ive done, but ,,i aint never had too much fun
  3. Mark Baker


    kidnapping and killing my brother its what makes the world go round and pussy you gotta have pussy
  4. Mark Baker


    we need larger caliber rounds and some flame throwers wouldn't hurt.
  5. Mark Baker

    [Vomit Warning] Disgusting Open Skin Surgery Performed in Africa

    scouring the world planning the annihilation of all mankind. i will be sure to give you a heads up my brother before my wrath descends upon us all.
  6. Mark Baker

    Using a Knife as a Dildo

    such a pity i hare this bitch she needs a good dom.:bdsm::bdsm:
  7. Mark Baker

    shotgun suicide hard core gore

    well i hope whoever took off with his shotgun gets to use it for what its made for killing urself is not killing others is the proper use
  8. Mark Baker

    Latinas do know how to suck...

    wth?? you miss it also? i am lost as to why such a beauty would miss it you can have any man you chose to your sex appeal has no bounds
  9. Mark Baker

    Latinas do know how to suck...

    god, bless this lady going all in like that what a sweetheart so careful and precisely the way a loving lady should be. god I miss having sex
  10. Mark Baker

    EXCLUSIVE - Death Addict Member Found a Body!!

    you did marvellous thank you very much great pics the video was nice also. some people have all the luck 57 and ive never stumbled upon a corpse
  11. Mark Baker

    Man hanged upside down beheaded. #HKG48

    the music is a little too much for me but overall a good video thank you for sharing it
  12. Mark Baker

    When You See it...Again

    it had to be an oriental chick, i think i did her grandma on shore leave in 1981 the far east where men are little and women are deep
  13. Mark Baker

    Pornstar gets fucked on ghb...

    drugs are bad mmmmkay?
  14. Mark Baker

    The Brutal Rape And Murder of Scarlett Keeling

    alright boys and girls this is why we have a buddy system you do not wander the bars in forgein countries alone.
  15. Mark Baker

    Beirut Embassy Bombing

    I was on the uss ranger cv-61 when this happened right outside of iran when the hostages were released wish we could have dropped the nuke we had onboard on them shits then but we couldnt get the go ahead from peanuts jimmy carter once ronnie came in office they let them go i guess they figured...
  16. Mark Baker

    [Flashing Images] THE D.A FAMILY BY KONY

  17. Mark Baker

    Don't fuck up in Africa

  18. Mark Baker

    Me and My Lovely Woman Have Started Making Porn

    well here comes my opinion for what it is worth. I have seen countless porn shows in 57 years and few surpass these two tidbits. a very fine job with the camera and action. if you or anyone needs any assistance with Anything of this nature be it someone to play camera man or lighting dude im...