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  1. profezzor x


    Why the fuck are they trying to keep him alive with all those electrodes and oxygenators strapped to him. He clearly wanted to die. Don't prolong it. And even if he somehow survived the fall, the organ shifting from that pole lodged inside him, and broken bones, he's a quadriplegic at best...
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    [Animal Death] pit eat a bird in one

    Not much effort on his part... it was probably a baby bird that didn't know any better.
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    Return of the Real

    Congrats... It's not the long winded response you'd expect from me, but it's truly heartfelt.
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    Mama Needs To Take A Dump...(Thread)

    I wonder if that faceless guy in the ER pictures survived.
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    It's like he has a crater in his back...

    Show and tell... He can show up at medical schools and do class lectures.
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    [Vomit Warning] Pigs eating a corpse. Disgusting

    Holy shit, I love your sig... mesmerizing.
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    No Sympathy For The Oblivious

    I remind my mom all the time that just because she's old doesn't mean this couldn't happen to her... So she comes back at me and says: "I'll just take a picture of their license plate with my cell phone". (true story)
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    [Vomit Warning] Pigs eating a corpse. Disgusting

    The only thing that makes this shocking, is that it was caught on film... No doubt this type of shit happens daily, around the world. Humans are just as much meat as any thing else.
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    The things you hate...

    BMW/Mercedes/Land Rover drivers in Los Angeles.
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    It's like he has a crater in his back...

    Slap a glass dome on it.
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    dont jump my friend

    He didn't jump... The electricity pushed him.
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    What Would You Have As Your Last Meal?

    This, but allow me to live long enough to try everything on the menu... even if it prolonged my execution for a day or two.
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    Tanker Crash Causes Enormous Explosion in California

    Whoops... Looks like gas prices are going up again to cover this fuck up.
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    ...If not by a Sasquatch, what about a BBC? ...j/k, welcome aboard.
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    All this over some bus fare

    Maybe he didn't have exact change...
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    Multiple ISIS Executions

    I almost wish they'd use a 4K camera and zoom in on the head really tight, to get those shots. Very entertaining to say the least.
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    Tiny Tits

    Big or small tits. My fetish is puffy nipples....
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    [Child Death] horrific accident in the street

    How do you begin to explain that to your entire family, that knew you recently had a baby, and you accepted all those gifts and money from them from the baby shower?
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    Cheating wife beaten while she was sleeping

    Guess he's not down for being a cuckold.