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  1. Dream Catcher

    [Child Harm] Head nearly ripped off

    Poor kid. That's horrible. I bet they all peed themselves.
  2. Dream Catcher

    Dismembered Woman...

    Hilarious that her lady bits are blurred but not her nasty guts lol
  3. Dream Catcher

    Issei Sagawa...

    That is one seriously mental bastard. It amazes me that he walks free after that. I hope he at least got food poisoning or an eternal curse of severe constipation till he explodes.
  4. Dream Catcher

    [Child Death] Boy totally Mangled

    Damn! Looks like his eyes even popped out. Poor kid.
  5. Dream Catcher

    Medical Issues With Genitalia...

    I'm sorry, but the first iota of abnormalities goin on with my girl bits would have me at the doctor! I know medical care is scarce in some countries, but some of these people could be Bob from next door! Get your bits checked people! ::insert shiver here!::
  6. Dream Catcher

    Photos You Won't Believe...

    Awesomeness mama! What an interesting and (mostly) beautiful world we live in.
  7. Dream Catcher

    Scaphism the execution of my nightmares

    Just say "HELL no" to bugs, man! I'd be wanting that firing squad as well.
  8. Dream Catcher

    Fatal Accident - Woman Crushed by truk

    My daddy always said to die ass up so the whole world can kiss it. Lol maybe her daddy told her the same.
  9. Dream Catcher

    Accident - Man with Crushed Head

    It seems like the head is like a big target to tires. Imagine the pop and crunch of that horror story.
  10. Dream Catcher

    Diabetic foot amputation

    That's cool and so fast. I just don't know how one could lit their foot get so bad. I am not diabetic, but I have had serious infections, all surgery related and required long, agonizing, hospital treatments. I check every inch of my body for any abnormalities. Explore, people! It can be fun...
  11. Dream Catcher

    Road Rash Goodies...

    I wondered how many here are pickers just aching to get at that leg. LOL My sister is a picker. I am not. She would claw my arms with her nails when she was mad at me, then pick my scabs days later. Double mean big sister. ;) I have lots of battle scars, and so does she. :D
  12. Dream Catcher

    Shit! Man with cuts all over his body are full of maggots for not treating his wounds...

    Also in the US, you might get the word "machete" out before the morphine kicks in. OK, maybe not in some cases because this dude would get a ration of shit for not seeking medical attention right away. They kinda like to point out how stupid you are before they offer up relief. Medical or not...
  13. Dream Catcher

    Survivors Of The Plane Crash In Pará Are Transferred To Goiânia

    I just have to say I love their smiles. The one is lucky to be comatose. I know what happens when they change the dressings. Ugh!
  14. Dream Catcher

    shredded feet

    BIG badaBOOM! Poor fella.
  15. Dream Catcher

    shit man !!! someone was left without a penis

    Looks like it stepped in some bubblegum trying to make a quick getaway!
  16. Dream Catcher

    Whoa Daddy! That's A Dark Bloater!

    I had a great friend who must have sensed a seizure coming whilst driving to visit his parents in Wyoming. He pulled over and put his car in park, had a seizure and died. I can only imagine how many vehicles passed his car either not caring or assuming he was fine since he was upright in his...
  17. Dream Catcher

    military officer is shot in the head and still stays alive, died in hospital

    I'm all over the charts on this one! Poor guy! Oh, comments (because it's the comments that entertain)....puzzled.....LMAO.....LMAO some more....wait! that dude is a goner and was adjusting his clothes!.....puzzled again.....thinking "come on guys, play nice" whilst I have the...
  18. Dream Catcher

    Deadly accident in russia + Aftermath

    Gotta watch for those tricky trucks parked on the roadside, man. They can be deadly.