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The 'UNDERGROUND' is a group for people who want to discuss obscure mystery's coming from corners of the internet.

Necro Groups. New

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For lovers of the corpses.
Females Only!

Serial Killers New

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Blood makes great paint.

Gamers New

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PC, PS, XBOX, ...
For German D.A. Users
Wonders, Mysteries And Interesting Things In Our World
This group is for posting content featuring YOU and/or your significant other(s), not random people

TV Stuff New

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New and Classic Shows
Where you can post dark humor.

Ave Satanas New

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Hail Satan
Reviews for all things vape related. -Mods-Tanks-Builds-Coils-Juice-

Pot Heads New

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Smoke Weed Or Support It? Join the Pot Heads Today!

De Afrika New

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Best shop in the Netherlands

Vices New

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For all those unhealthy things you do to yourself in the name of a good time.

Disturbed New

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Mental Health


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YOUR Rage inside
If it's hard or impossible to disturb you, this is the best place to be. Rules are the limit!
Post the most fucked up memes you have

Anime Lovers New

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For All The People Who Love To Watch Anime.