29-Year-Old Olga Gaikovich is Killed by a Brick Flying Through Her Windshield

Just after 10:30 am on June 11, 2012 (June 12, according to some sources) in Syktyvkar, Russia, a man, his wife, and a couple with a child in tow...
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  1. It should be noted here that, in Russia, there are major insurance fraud problems (both by drivers and pedestrians). As a result of this, many drivers have started traveling with dash cameras running to document anything that might occur. This is one such instance where a dash cam captured something much more chilling.

    Just after 10:30 am on June 11, 2012 (June 12, according to some sources) in Syktyvkar, Russia, a man, his wife, and a couple with a child in tow were headed on vacation in an Audi A4. The husband was driving, the wife was in the front passenger seat, and the young couple was in the back seat.

    As they traveled down the Azov-Starominskaya highway with the dash cam recording, a tractor-trailer, a passenger car, and a second tractor-trailer and passenger car were traveling in the opposite direction.

    Just about the time the second truck, a Kamaz 5410 with an open-top trailer carrying a load of bricks, started to pass their car, a brick broke free from the load and hurtled toward them at lightning speed. This happens at about the 14-second mark.

    In the blink of an eye from the time the brick came into view, it crashed through the windshield on the passenger side of the Audi’s windshield, just right of the camera’s view.

    The driver of the Audi immediately takes his foot off of the accelerator and begins to slow while heading to the side of the road. The moment the shock wears off, about three seconds after the brick’s impact, we begin to hear the reactions of the car’s occupants. This is where the video begins to tug at the viewer’s heartstrings – we primarily hear the unmistakable sound of one of the vehicle’s passengers crying out in despair at the results of what has just transpired. A few moments later, we faintly hear the reactions of the others.

    The front seat passenger, Olga Gaikovich, had been struck in her right temple and knocked unconscious. Despite doctors’ attempts to revive her over the next two hours, Mrs. Gaikovich succumbed to her injuries. She was 29 years old.

    If this video had had no audio, it would have slipped into the ether of the countless near-death brushes with hurtling objects and car accident videos out there. As a matter of fact, had it had no sound, it likely would have been passed up by the majority of viewers of such content. But it’s that audio that makes this video stick with so many for so very long.

    It has no blood. It has no gore. It doesn’t even clearly show any people. We basically just see vehicles on a highway…and a brick. The video is only 29 seconds long, but its impact lasts far, far longer.
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